Review Policy

So here’s the deal, the vast majority of the reviews on this blog are of books that I already want to read, and so buy the books myself. That’s why a lot of my reviews are positive – I wouldn’t buy the books if I didn’t think I was going to like them.

For the most part, I’m reviewing books on this blog so that I can write down what I’m thinking about books I invest money and time in.

However, every now and again I’m happy to review a book for a publisher if it’s something I think I’ll enjoy. If you are publishing a book which you believe to be right up my alley, please get in contact, either via email:, or Twitter.

I write these reviews for myself, and for anyone who wishes to read them. I’m not doing it to get loads of page views, free books, or anything like that. I have a lovely bunch of engaged followers, subscribers, etc. who I appreciate greatly, but right now I’m not focused on bringing in loads of hits – I’m mostly dedicated to getting on in the career path I’ve chosen. This is just a really fun bonus.

At this time I’m not willing to review self-published works, not because they’re not going to be great, but because I feel there needs to be a buffer between reviewed and author – to protect us both.

You can contact me via email:, Twitter:@amytunstall, or LinkedIn.


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