A little catch-up on a lot of life, but not enough lit.

So it has been about two weeks since I last posted to my little blog. A bit disappointing on my part, but I’ve been very busy!

I popped back up to Liverpool for a few days to see my mum, my nan, some friends, and do some pretty cool ssecret cinematuff. I went to a Secret Cinema screening of Dead Poets’ Society, in aid of Mind and CALM. It was emotional, to say the least. We ripped out pages of a lovely zine that was put together for the showing, we stood on our chairs at the end and shouted “O Captain, My Captain!” while crying. I went out in my home town, went to a party of a friend, and then… packed up all of my essentials and moved down to London properly. I actually have a bed now, and at least some of my clothes, most importantly… a whole bunch of my TBR pile made it down here with me. 


I’ve spent a lot of time with my sister and my niece, which has been lovely. My niece is growing up so quickly, it’s terrifying. She’s so smart and funny, such a little character, and I don’t even mind when she wakes up at silly times. I don’t want to wish her life away, but I really can’t wait until she can read. 

Last weekend I also got to volunteer at Reading Festival with my best friend Vic, as bar staff. Our wages went to the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts, and we got to see quite a lot of our favourite bands, so that was nice. And tiring! Since then I may have been suf15681_10152604367370831_6269350970672148116_nfering from a bad bout of fesival flu. I have since managed to get myself a part-time job at the local co-op, which means I have a bit of wiggle room and can afford to do unpaid work experience. 

Speaking of… on Monday I’m starting a week of work experience, so I’m likely to be busy, but I’m hoping to get some reviews written tonight and tomorrow, and will be reading on the commute anyway! I’m quite excited to start getting experience in the world of publishing, but also really looking forward to some ARCs I have, and reviewing those for anyone interesting in hearing what they’re like. 

I’m going to do almost a whole month of #bookaday catch up to post tomorrow, on the last day of the challenge! Hopefully next week I’ll be better at keeping up with it day to day. 


2 thoughts on “A little catch-up on a lot of life, but not enough lit.

  1. Good luck on your work experience week! I’m trying for the same thing, fingers crossed and all. Where are you doing it?

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